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It all began when I was researching for a university project based on Food Adulteration in Pakistan. Those facts and figures were just a number for me but when my brother got a peek at my research, it was like he felt something. Later when he shared was a notion of disappointment, “Alas!” he said is that how intensely our food is being a subject of adulteration? The factors that attracted our attention in our report were that the main cause of cancer through latest medical research is chicken feed full of growth-promoting hormones and cultivation of fruits/vegetables in untreated industrial and sewage water.

That was the moment when me and my brother decided to take an initiative for the sake of our society. Being students with limited resources, our mission is to earn clients from small to mass level on the basis of our services. Being lucky to have our own farm on the other side was a big relief and made our path quite easy. The intellect of organic food production has been running in our blood since generations so it is high time to carry out our family forte. More over the arrival of corona virus was an awakening moment for those with a weak immune system and times like now having a strong immunity level is a blessing.

Salient Features:

  • Our mission is to boost up the quality of immunity level in such distress and blow of corona virus
  • We allow Open Access Tour for our customers so that they acknowledge the essence of purity Organach carries
  • We tend to serve each organic item dealt with love, devotion and commitment proving our love and loyalty towards are customer

Our Process

Just like other factors, we prove our transparency through a 100% organic process in which we believe our community trust depends on. Our process is as uncomplicated and straightforward as it should be.

  • The sourcing of meat, poultry and vegetable is done from our own farm where we breed and raise animals under our own care and supervision.
  • We feed our animals with natural feed and fodder with an intensive look after on their intake. While we irrigate our vegetables with clean water only and work under a strict NO SYNTHETIC policy.
  • We have our own slaughter houses where our slaughterer and butcher follow all code of ethics keeping hygiene as their first priority.
  • The packaging is done with recycled boxes. This attempt is to avoid the utilization of plastic bags and shoppers which damage our environment and take years to decompose.
  • We will deliver your orders fresh from farm at your door step whenever and wherever you want.

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